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An Introduction to Coaching

This is an excellent, no-nonsense introduction to the field of coaching for developing practitioners. Using a rich array of examples from both life and business coaching, the book covers:

`This text is based on a course delivered to real postrgraduate students. Thus it is wide-ranging and comprehensive in scope, without being over-wordy or banal.' Elaine Cox, Head of Research in the International Centre for Coaching and Leadership Development at Oxford Brookes University

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Blank Minds and Sticky Moments in CounsellingBMSM

Blank Minds and Sticky Moments in Counselling, Second Edition is a rich source of practical advice for trainees and practitioners

'I recommend the book as an essential, core, alternative or complementary text for trainees in counselling, hitting as it does, just the right notes of honesty, realism, humour and theory-made-digestible. It deserves to be on the reading lists of all certificate and diploma courses - now' - Colin Feltham, Sheffield Hallam University

Blank Minds and Sticky Moments in Counselling, Second Edition is a popular and down-to-earth guide to the common challenges which arise in everyday counselling practice. Drawing on humour and over 30 years experience, the authors describe a range of strategies to help practitioners and trainees through the 'sticky' moments and offer reassurance that 'you are not alone' in facing these dilemmas.

The book explores what to do when you:

The authors also tackle broader issues concerning what it means to be professional, tensions between theory and practice and offer a four-stage model of counselling as a framework for practice. The underlying goal of the book is to help readers see difficult moments as learning experiences and to feel empowered to be imaginative, creative and flexible practitioners.

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