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BrainNeuro-Linguistic Programming

What is it and what does it do?

NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming - is a wonderful and effective approach to communication and development which is proven to reap excellent results for individuals, small businesses and corporates in achieving their desired outcomes.

Put simply, NLP is the science of how we process what we see, hear and feel to shape what we say, how we behave, and how useful our behaviour is. The magic of NLP Is to provide principles, tools, insights and skills which enable you to make any changes that you want to.

How great is that?  You can become more confident, more assertive,  more helpful, more creative, more satisfied - more of whatever it is that you want for yourself.

The psychology behind NLP has been used for decades to enable people and businesses to grow in whichever way they want to.

Here at NLPAssociated, our mission is to make the ethical application of NLP more and more accessible.  Our ethic is one of professionalism, and our values go much deeper than just helping people to make money.  We use our NLP skills and training in diverse settings,  training nurses to deliver a more accurate and empowering service,  helping small businesses to grow,  assisting corporates to maximise their efficiency and communication strategies,  training those who work with people with issues of homelessness, dependency or depression.

NLP Associated has just landed in the UK, where Directors Dr Jan Russell Dexter and Dr Graham Dexter are visting Senior Fellows in Business Coaching at Lincoln University. 

Transparent BrainIn our NLP Practice we offer:


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