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The following articles are avaiable to download in pdf format:

Who Broke My Scales- Free gift for 2014

Happy New Year to all our friends clients and colleagues. Download our easy weight management book for the next few days and kick start your brain to help you manage your weight easily. This beautifully illustrated adaptation of some well known fairy stories, once read programs your mind to remember all you need to keep trim and fitter. Usually retails at 6.95 on Amazon, so a New Year Gift to say thanks from Jan and Graham.

Current NLP Practitioner Course Details

The coaching model - an explanation (509kb)

Feel free to download and use our process model of coaching. It is logical, thorough and an invaluable way to utilise your skills and knowledge in a purposeful way, ensuring that you and your client remain focused and purposeful.

You can use it for personal or organisational purposes.

Engaging with your future goals (506kb)

We are currently, amongst other things, working within a large Health Trust, in order to increase staff engagement. You may wonder what this means, as terms like engagement, coaching cultures, culture change and so on are often bandied around without explanation.

This short paper looks at the concept of engaging employees with their goals.

Hints and Tips (578kb)

Goal setting is now well established in coaching and popular pscyhology as a `must’. The world is littered with `truisms’ that if you put your wishes into the universe they may start to come true, that if you set targets you will be more inclined to meet them and so on. How does this happen?

Chapter one - Introduction to Coaching. The complete first chapter (550kb)

Welcome to An Introduction to Coaching (Dexter, Dexter & Irving, 2011). In this book, we provide an introduction to coaching for those of you who are learning the profession, those who are transferring from other professions, or those who want to enhance the skills and understanding you have to make your practice even better.

The schema of this book follows the coaching course that we developed for initial use for the University of Hull Diploma in Personal and Corporate Coaching. We have subsequently adapted, modified and used this schema to teach in-house courses and Certificate courses in various cultural environments. The book, then, is aimed at all students of coaching, in workplace or academic settings.

Supervision Model for Coaches: A process model of supervision. (449kb)

Take a look at our supervision model, first published in Dexter & Russell (1990) which is simple, logical and thorough. You are welcome to use it for yourself personally, or within your organisation.

It is equally useful for supervision in management situations, and professional supervision such as nursing, social work, counselling or therapy. Use if with out good wishes.

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