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coachOkay - so what is it?

Well clearly its not a fairy tale so the picture to the right is not quite right. However sometimes our view is coloured by myths, so here is a brief overview of what coaching is and what it can do for you.

Coaching is a dynamic and self-generating process in which the coachee works to harness and develop their skills, approaches and capabilities in order to achieve their personal and/or professional goals and to reach and maintain their optimum performance.

Our understanding of coaching is that it is a discursive practice founded on a number of underpinnings from the disciplines of psychology, education, learning, motivation, mentoring and management. So, it may involve the learning of new aptitudes to create a shift in activity, or it may involve the application of prior or existing knowledge to achieve maintenance of current optimum activity. In other words, coaching is not only developmental, it is also about maximising existing capability towards desired ends.

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goalometerWhat can it do for you?

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